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About Carroll County Schools

The Carroll County School System is the 24th largest school system in the state of Georgia with an enrollment of approximately 14,500 students. These students may attend one of twenty three schools in the county system where the average pupil/teacher ratio is 16:1. Each of these schools is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

It is the goal of Carroll County Schools to provide all students a high quality education in a personalized, supportive environment. The Carroll County School System maintains the belief that community based schools provide a personal approach that ultimately makes a difference. In Carroll County the school system has developed a comprehensive strategic improvement plan to focus the systems efforts to improve. Included in this plan is an outline for continued construction of state-of-the-art facilities and increased technology within each school community. Quality learning environments support a refined curriculum and highly skilled teachers in order for every student to achieve success.

With over 1850 employees, the Carroll County School System is the largest employer in Carroll County. Carroll County Schools have an annual $200 million impact on the economic development of Carroll County. The school system works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, County and City governments and local businesses to support economic development efforts for Carroll County.

The Carroll County School System employs 1,066 certified employees. Seventy-one percent of these individuals hold a Master’s degree or higher. Last year, several Carroll County School’s were awarded Highest Performing and High Progress Awards by the Georgia Department of Education. Employees of the Carroll County School District received many honors such as the Mike Campbell Exemplary Leadership award, Georgia Music Educators Association State Band Chair, Georgia High School Science Teacher of the Year and Athletic Director of the Year for Region 5AA.

Twelve elementary, six middle and five high schools provide an instructional program for prekindergarten through grade twelve. The four-year-old pre-kindergarten program is dynamic, active, and age appropriate. An integrated, developmentally-based curriculum is used in the elementary grades. As part of the instructional program, the district’s music, performing arts, and visual arts programs continue to grow. In addition, different schools choose instructional variations to enhance student potential and opportunity for expanding interests. Some examples of these programs are: looping classes, in which a teacher stays with a class for two years; character education school-wide programs, various fine arts programs; outdoor classrooms with nature trails; and Reading is Fundamental programs.

The College and Career Academy is a newly renovated technical and career focused charter school serving the five county high schools. The academy offers fifteen different programs of study four of which are college level programs allowing students to earn concurrent high school and college credit. Performance-based instruction with the rigor and expectations of college coursework and partnerships with the business community uniquely prepares students for postsecondary education and the expectations of business and industry.

The 12 for Life program, a partnership with the Southwire Company, has been an important part of efforts to increase the graduation rate for Carroll County Schools. The program provides students with jobs and academic support in a Southwire manufacturing facility. Phase II of the program offers STEM-related education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through innovative, high-impact, and applied learning. The Carroll County School System was awarded a $1 million grant to implement the Phase II STEM project over a three-year period through the Georgia Race to the Top Innovation Fund project sponsored through the Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

The Carroll County School System partners with the State University of West Georgia and West Central Technical College to offer dual enrollment programs to high school students seeking post-secondary opportunities as they fulfill graduation requirements. Additionally, Carroll County students are challenged with rigorous Advanced Placement and online learning opportunities. High school students choose from academic and/or technical tracks and follow an individualized learning program designed to develop their interests and prepare them for further education.

Carroll County students may elect to attend the Carroll County GOAL Evening Program to accelerate or remediate their instructional needs. The GOAL Evening Program is designed to offer educational opportunities for those who desire to gain required units for graduation outside the normal school day. The GOAL Evening Program offers a variety of academic courses for those students needing a nontraditional option for graduation.

In 2013 Carroll County Schools implemented a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative. The district and school level leaders along with teachers and parents researched BYOT programs to determine best practices for the implementation of this new initiative. Students bring and use their own technology, such as smart phones, iPads and laptops to support their learning needs. Additionally, the school system has created Google Drive access for students to enhance their learning opportunities both at and away from school.

Carroll County students excel in academics, athletics and fine arts. Consistently, Carroll County students are recognized in areas such as Governor’s Honors, Advanced Placement, Band, Music as well as Career & Technical pathways. The school system prides itself on providing premier opportunities in a community based school setting. Through strategic planning, partnerships and aligned efforts, Carroll County is committed to help every student learn, grow and succeed.

For more information about the Carroll County School System, contact the superintendent’s office at 770-832-3568. For individual enrollment in a particular school, contact the registration department at 770-832-3568 extension 2296. For bus transportation information, contact the transportation department at 770-834-3346.