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Carroll County Schools


The mission of the Carroll County School System Technology Department is to ensure that all students and teachers have access to and use technology as a tool for learning, communication, and collaboration.  Engaging students in meaningful learning, which involves challenging, authentic experiences using technology, is embedded in Carroll County Schools’ vision to be recognized as a premier school district.


In a Twenty-First Century classroom, educators must include the concept of preparing students for technologies not yet invented. For this reason, technology should not be thought of as a separate entity, but instead an integral tool used in the classroom to individualize, enhance and motivate student learning. Technology should support learning in the classroom, preparing students through authentic experiences for the real world. Integration of technology is the inclusion by teachers and students of appropriate technology that facilitates, individualizes, enhances, and enriches teaching and learning of state and local curricula. The professional development and training of all faculty and staff is an essential cornerstone to the success of Carroll County Schools’ mission and vision.

Josh Bingham
Chief Technology Officer

Marc Smith
Network Director

Corey Strahan
Network Administrator

Matthew Cabrera
Application Integration Specialist

Chris Petersen
Network Administrator

Chad Land
Lead Technician

Linda Brown
Procurement Specialist

Tracy Harris
Administrative Assistant to IT Department