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Carroll County Schools

2022 Young Georgia Author Winners

Feb 23 2022

Carroll County Schools is pleased to announce system-wide winners in the 2022 Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition for kindergarten through 12th grade. This competition celebrates the creative and academic efforts of students in any genre of writing, including poetry, short stories, journalism, research, literary analysis, argument, and more. Winners will move on to the regional competition. Congratulations to our outstanding young authors!

2022 System-Wide Winners

2022 Honorable Mention








Aaron Long

Paige Staton

Villa Rica Elementary

Justin Moten, Jr

Shea Hall

Central Elementary

1st Grade

Hannah Dupree

Allison Bennett

Sandhill Elementary

Samuel Huckeba

Tona Heath

Roopville Elementary

2nd Grade

Cate Williamson

Stephanie Langford

Ithica Elementary

Taylor Harris

Ashley Widnew

Central Elementary

3rd Grade

Aurora Posey

Carly Collins

Roopville Elementary

Londyn Freeman

Jodie Isbell

Mt Zion Elementary

4th Grade

Anders Dalton

Casey Traylor

Whitesburg Elementary

Jonah Flores

Christina Flores 

Providence Elementary

5th Grade

Mark Perkins

Ashley Williams

Roopville Elementary

Maddie Capps

Shadra Tomei

Villa Rica Elementary

6th Grade

Esther Par

Allison Duncan

Central Middle School

Marlen Grandez

Whitney Whitfield

Bay Springs Middle

7th Grade

Naomi Chambers

Megan Reif

Bowdon Middle

Lilly Carroll

Dena Siek

Central Middle

8th Grade

Logan E Elton

Caroline Crow

Central Middle

Sarah Groenewald

Clay Crawford 

Bay Springs Middle

9th Grade

Kai McMichael

Abigail Smith

Central High School

Destiny Richards

Staci McAdams

Bowdon High School

10th Grade

Aubrey Smith   

Jessica Bohlen 

Temple High

Ja’Nia Cook

Abigail Smith 

Central High

11th Grade

Emma Chang

Caroline Patton

Temple High

Diana Espinoza

Shannon Pounds

Villa Rica High

12th Grade

Carina Solis 

Emily Tucker

Villa Rica High

Natalie Cooke

Joanna Christopher

Bowdon High