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Carroll County Schools

30 District Nominees for Governor's Honors

Dec 15 2022

After district-level interviews of 70 sophomores and juniors from Carroll County high schools, 30 students were chosen as district nominees for the next round of the Georgia Governor's Honors Program.
Students were nominated by their individual high schools to compete in areas such as Science, Social Studies, Math, Spanish, French, Music, Visual Arts, Theater, Communicative Arts, Engineering, and Agricultural Research.
Governor's Honors is a four week summer residential program for gifted and talented high school students. GHP offers instruction designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.
The students chosen to advance are:
Student First Name: Student Last Name: High School: Nomination Area:
Colby Stanford Bowdon High School Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science
Jackson Cobb Central High School Engineering
Lauren Gray Central High School Social Studies
Isabella Jackson Central High School World Languages
Huckleberry Maxwell Central High School Visual Arts
Kai McMichael Central High School Communicative Arts
Dylan Mount Central High School Communicative Arts
Makayla Parson Central High School Music
Zoe Stewart Central High School Music
Cayden Wilson Central High School Engineering
Elizabeth Long Central High School Mathematics
Ashley George Central High School Mathematics
Dylan Browning Mount Zion High School Social Studies
Carmen Crawford Temple High School Agricultural Research Biotechnology and Science
Leanna Cheek Temple High School Music
Jackson Shirley Temple High School Science
Kayleigh Harris Temple High School Theatre Performance
Kaliah Glover Temple High School Mathematics
Connie Tarpley Temple High School Communicative Arts
Zachary Tingen Temple High School Mathematics
Alexis Arrowood Villa Rica High World Languages
Papa Aye-Addo Villa Rica High Music
Zarrian Bowen Villa Rica High Visual Arts
George "Will" Dayvolt Villa Rica High Music
Elizabeth "Libby" Hartley Villa Rica High Communicative Arts
Georgia Johnson Villa Rica High World Languages
Liam Trantham Villa Rica High Science
Matthew "Carson" Turner Villa Rica High Music
Brady Wester Villa Rica High Science
Ruby "Kalaya" Williams Villa Rica High Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science
Carroll County Schools would like to thank Roopville Road Baptist Church for hosting the district-level interviews.
Bowdon High School nominees:
Central High School nominees:
Mount Zion High School nominees:
Temple High School nominees:
Villa Rica High School nominees: