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Carroll County Schools

Apply for Free & Reduced School Meals

Jul 11 2022

For the school year 2022-2023, Carroll County is requesting all families to complete and submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application. The application can be completed online here or go to the parent portal on the Carroll County web site, choose Food and Nutrition and then scroll down until you see the link you click on to complete an application. Instructions for completing the online application will be available. Paper applications are available on request and are due by August 22, 2022 if you believe your student(s) are eligible.

Carroll County Schools has been able to offer breakfast and lunch at no charge to students during the last two school years. This was made possible thanks to the generous support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture reimbursing schools for meals served to students, regardless of income. However, this coming school year we will resume our normal meal service and students will once again be charged for meals.

Although we are all experiencing increased food and fuel costs,  Carroll County School Nutrition will not increase meal prices in an effort to help ease the transition of  paying for meals during this time. 

For more information about the Carroll County School Nutrition program, please contact Bridgett Cross, Director of the SNP at, 678-854-2313, or Janet Smith, Free & Reduced Specialist at, 678-854-2353.

The entire staff at Carroll County School Nutrition is looking forward to supporting your child in the coming school year.