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Carroll County Schools

Board Approves $158.6 Million FY2023 Budget

Jun 24 2022

The Carroll County Board of Education voted to approve a $158.6 million FY2023 budget at its June 23 Board meeting. The budget includes employee raises, additional teacher hires, bus purchases, technology upgrades, additional safety measures, and several facility improvements.

“We are pleased that our Board has supported investments that continue to move our district in a positive direction,” Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “With the addition of more teachers and enhancements to our safety, facilities, and technology, we are poised for another premier year in Carroll County.”

The budget recommended by Superintendent Cowart includes a $2,000 teacher raise that was included in the state budget earlier this year, and extends it with local funds to other Carroll County educators who are paid on a teacher salary schedule. Additionally, there are step raises for all eligible employees and a cost of living raise for classified staff.

The budget adds 31 new teaching positions and 6 non-instructional positions to start the next school year. Additional items include enhancements to technology, facilities and equipment. There are plans for HVAC and parking lot improvements on several campuses. The board voted unanimously to approve the FY23 budget after holding two  public meetings.

Bryant Turner, Chairman of the Carroll County Board of Education said, “Having the opportunity to show appreciation to our teachers for all they do for our students is very important to our board. We are also excited that we are growing our 24Strong Team while continuing to focus on safety and technology enhancements.”

In July, the board will review the property digest and will set a tentative millage rate for the next fiscal year.