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Carroll County Schools

Bowdon High School Names New Field House Locker Room After Long-Time Teacher and Coach

Apr 22 2020

The Carroll County Board of Education approved the naming of the Bowdon High School field house locker room after long-time teacher and coach, Steve Prater, at the April 20 Board Meeting.

For many years, Coach Prater served as an educator and head football coach at BHS, and he has continued to support BHS and the Bowdon Community during retirement.

Scott Cowart, Superintendent of Carroll County Schools stated, "Coach Prater is a long-time pillar in the Bowdon Community and has positively impacted the lives of countless students as both a teacher and as a coach. He is very deserving of this recognition for his loyalty and commitment to the community and to Bowdon High School."

Zoe Evans, Principal of Bowdon High School added, “The motto at Bowdon High School is ‘The Tradition Lives On’.  Coach Prater, with his tireless advocacy and commitment to the Bowdon High School athletic program, has been instrumental in ensuring that our motto is more than just a set of words but a real-life example that we can hold up to our students.  He has dedicated decades of his life to the young men and women of the Bowdon community and has been a valuable resource to both the administrative and coaching staff.  We could not think of anyone more fitting for this honor.”