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Carroll County Schools

Carroll Co. Board of Education votes to lower millage rate

Aug 19 2022

After holding the last of three public hearings, the Carroll County Board of Education voted to lower the 2022 millage rate for Carroll County taxpayers to 17.500 from 17.998 at its August 18 board meeting. Lowering the millage rate will save the average Carroll County homeowner about $42 per year compared to leaving the millage rate at 17.998.

“We are pleased to be able to lower the millage rate for the first time since 2017,” board chairman Bryant Turner said. “Property owners across the county are dealing with new tax assessments. We believe this rollback takes into account the needs of children in our community while also acknowledging the burden on local taxpayers.”

The 17.500 millage rate fully supports the budget that the board approved earlier in the year, and enables Carroll County Schools to continue investing in personnel, technology, equipment and student learning.