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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County College and Career Academies Hosts Annual Career Connections Employer Appreciation Ceremony

Apr 19 2019

Students and staff from Carroll County School System’s College and Career Academies joined efforts to host a celebration showing appreciation to the business partners who provide students premier on-the-job training and mentoring through the Career Connections program.

Tanner Health System was recognized with the 2019 Career Connections Business Partnership Award. Tanner Health System has a long-standing partnership with Carroll County School System through its Tanner Connections program and offers students the opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience in the areas of nursing, engineering, information technology, marketing, graphic design, and education.

Daniel Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Carroll Tomorrow served as the Keynote Speaker for the event.

Cindy Clanton, CTAE Director, stated. "The Career Connections Employer Appreciation Ceremony allows us to express gratitude to our business partners for providing career related work-based learning opportunities for our students. The applied learning experiences connect classroom instruction with workforce experience, preparing students to be college and career ready."