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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County School System Celebrates Read Across America Week

Feb 26 2021

Carroll County School System is proud to celebrate Read Across America Week in all of our elementary schools, March 1-5. This year, we have a diverse group of professionals from our community to read stories that connect with their career fields and encourage young students to start thinking about the endless possibilities for their future. Whether they choose to attend college, join the workforce, or serve in the military, our goal is to teach them the importance of goal setting and being engaged members of their community. From Olympians, professional athletes, and college coaches to authors, politicians, doctors, nurses, and first responders our students will be able to discover new ideas and dream about their future through the voices of others.

“We are so appreciative for the tremendous support from our community and business partners who are sharing their life experiences through stories that connect this week with our district’s future focused awareness priority,” stated Jennifer Shirley, Director of Elementary Schools and Accountability.

Read Across America Week is the nation’s largest celebration of reading. The focus for this year’s program is to encourage youth to read and listen to stories that allow them to see the world from different perspectives and seek reading resources that are about everyone, for everyone.

For information on how to access the Read Across America virtual stories, please visit the website for your child’s school.