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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County School System Hires 10 Clinical Assistants

Aug 20 2020

Carroll County School System recently hired 10 Clinical Assistants to work with School Nurses to provide a variety of healthcare services on school campuses.

Dr. Christi Teal, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources said, “The well-being of our students and staff has always been a priority in our district, and we are excited to increase the number of medical professionals to serve our students and promote health and wellness district wide.”

All 10 Clinical Assistants have completed Certified Nursing Assistants programs and have experience in the healthcare field. Additionally, they have attended district health and safety training with Mrs. Beverly Kirk, Lead Nurse for Carroll County School System. Their role will be to support the 14 nurses Carroll County currently has on staff and rotate campuses within their assigned school cluster.

Kirk stated, “Adding Clinical Assistants will provide every student in Carroll County direct access to trained healthcare personnel every day. We appreciate the Board of Education supporting our efforts of keeping students healthy so they can be their best in the classroom.”