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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County School System Hosts SLP EdFest

Jul 25 2018

Carroll County School System recently hosted SLP Edfest, sponsored by the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI). The purpose of the event was to provide leaders in Carroll County with the opportunity to participate in reflection, dialog, and transformational learning activities, as well as to celebrate the many achievements in Carroll County over the past five years. More than 60 administrators and district leaders attended the event.

“When we set out on this journey five years ago, we aspired to transform the five Carroll County high schools to be premier institutions of learning for every student. We set out to grow current high school leaders, build a cadre of aspiring leaders, and to coach and support excellent district leadership. Not only did we accomplish all of these goals, the grant had unintended spillover impacts on middle and elementary schools, as well. What we heard yesterday is that leaders and teacher leaders from all schools got better at recognizing excellent instruction, building the collaborative culture needed to achieve elite outcomes, and studying their own performance to create powerful moments every day in every classroom. Carroll County is unequivocally a leader in attracting and growing educator talent, and that is ultimately how Carroll County School System changes lives,” stated Dr. Leslie Bussey, Executive Director of GLISI.

Jared Griffis, Principal of Central High School said, “EdFest was a celebration of the accomplishments in student achievement, leadership development, and school culture due to our work with GLISI over the past five years. The time spent reflecting and celebrating provided an exciting time of collaboration and affirmation of the work done. Most importantly, we know that there is more work to do and are excited about continuing the process.”