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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County Schools holds 10th Annual Safety Summit

Jul 22 2022

Carroll County Schools held its 10th annual Safety Summit Friday, July 22. School Safety Teams along with first responders from local public safety and health agencies reviewed emergency plans and discussed safety measures in preparation for the new school year. Teams from each school collaborated with first responders in tabletop exercises that forced them to think through their preparation and reaction to specific emergency and crisis situations.

Carroll County School System is a leader in safety and was the first school system in Georgia to implement an annual Safety Summit.

“We greatly appreciate the support of our local emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel and Tanner Health System,” Assistant Superintendent of Administrative and Support Services Terry Jones said. “Safety and security is a team effort that takes all resources working together. The Safety Summit provides us with a great opportunity to align our efforts through communication and collaboration to keep the health and safety of our students and staff as our top priority.”