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Carroll County Schools

Carroll County Schools Young Georgia Authors Winners 2018 2019

Mar 01 2019

Carroll County School System students recently competed in a system-wide Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition for Kindergarten through twelfth grade. This competition celebrates the creative and academic efforts of students in any genre of writing, including poetry, short stories, journalism, research, literary analysis, argument, and more. Kindergarten through twelfth grade winners will participate in the state competition. Below is a list of the System-wide winners and honorable mentions.




2019 Systemwide Winners

Kindergarten Russell Brookshire Nikki Bradley Ithica Elementary School

First Benjamin Stear Alicia Montgomery Ithica Elementary School

Second Marla McCullough Stephanie Langford Ithica Elementary School

Third London Williams Julie Chambers Central Elementary School

Fourth Mattison Smith Amy Musick Whitesburg Elementary School

Fifth Jayden Kennedy Paige Partlow Sand Hill Elementary School

Sixth Emma Walden Robin Phillips Villa Rica Middle School

Seventh Elizabeth Hartley Amby Shoemake Bay Springs Middle School

Eighth Xander Donnell Renee Cole Bowdon Middle School

Ninth Katherine Lawrence Marla Williams Central High School

Tenth Isabella Herring Stephanie Trumble Central High School

Eleventh Tatianna Passmore Jessica Bohlen Temple High School

Twelfth Cassianna McDaniel Dianne Ledford Temple High School

2019 Systemwide Honorable Mentions

Kindergarten Bentlee Glidden Amy Hilton Sharp Creek Elementary School

First (tie) Hank Pohm, Stacy Morris Roopville Elementary School & Riley Thompson, Glanton Hindsman Elementary School

Second Mark Perkins Jennifer Gay Roopville Elementary School

Third James R. Studdard Ruth Roessel Roopville Elementary School

Fourth Lilly Carroll Amanda Peyton Roopville Elementary School

Fifth Kioshi Baster Christina Flores Providence Elementary School

Sixth Isabella Jackson Michael Butler Central Middle School

Seventh Emma Ethridge Jessica Lanier Bowdon Middle School

Eighth Caleb Morse Charlotte Smith Mt. Zion Middle School

Ninth Jenna Daniel Kerry Barron Bowdon High School

Tenth Michaela Robinson Emily Tucker Villa Rica High School

Eleventh Jazmine Pulliam Cinda Skelton Mt. Zion High School

Twelfth Jonathan Stober Stephanie Trumble Central High School