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Carroll County Schools

Carroll EMC awards Bright Ideas grants totaling nearly $50,000

Dec 16 2022

This fall Carroll County School System educators were awarded grants totaling nearly $50,000 by our community partner Carroll EMC to fund innovative and creative educational projects for students. 

Bright Ideas grants of up to $1,000 each are given to Pre-K through 12th grade public school educators for classroom-based projects in a variety of subjects. The Carroll EMC Foundation is funded by the “Round-up” program from members paying their monthly power bills.

We are grateful for Carroll EMC’s support of premier programs for our students! 


Teacher  School Project Title  Award 
Lauren Cramer Bay Springs Middle School 3D Printing for Conservation $345.00
Brittany Smith Bay Springs Middle School Bringing ELA to life $999.00
Amber Mullis Bay Springs Middle School Graphic Novels Galore! $798.00
Colleen Mount Bay Springs Middle School Playing Around With Science! $900.00
Kristen Walden Bay Springs Middle School The Reading Classroom $855.00
Casey Jones Bay Springs Middle School Bottle Rockets - Rocket Design and Newton's Third Law of Motion $745.00
Lindsay Rogers Bowdon Elementary School Maa! Cluck! Oink! A Day on the School Farm- Prince's Project $1,000.00
Meredith Stone Bowdon Elementary School Food Web $805.00
Holly Bearden Bowdon Middle School Sparking Creativity with Makey Makey Kits $715.00
Jacqueline Watts Bowdon Middle School Let's Do the Monster Mash (It's a graveyard smash)! $858.00
Allison Messenger Carroll County Online Campus Getting hands on virtual learning. $618.00
Casey Chadwick Central Elementary School Lights, Camera, Green Screen Action! $934.00
Katy McKenzie Central Elementary School Magnificent Magnetic Math $530.00
Dana Pearce Central Elementary School Bringing Rhythm Into A Comfy Classroom $478.00
Courtney Chastain Central Elementary School Amazing Animals All Around $920.00
Megan Foster Central Elementary School Readers Today!  Leaders Tomorrow! $999.00
Lyn Johnson Cole Central High School Technology Component to Assist Students in Understanding graphs $1,000.00
Brittany Maddox Central Middle School 3D Pens $860.00
Autumn Shad Glanton Hindsman Elementary/Villa Rica Elementary Clay/Pottery Wheels $970.00
Suzie Gordon Glanton-Hindsman Elementary Outdoor Classroom $980.00
Katherine Carter Ithica Elementary School Chicken Talk- Study of the Chicken Life Cycle $720.00
Becca Langridge Ithica Elementary School Putting the STEAM in Writing! $993.00
Jennifer Thomas Mt. Zion Elementary School Posters! Posters! Everywhere $985.00
Samantha Camp Mt. Zion Elementary School Outdoor Garden $985.00
Blair Moody Mt. Zion Elementary School iPad Reading Comprehension Intervention $912.00
Katrina Hursey Mt. Zion Elementary School For the Love of Nonfiction $719.00
Tyler Wright Mt. Zion High School Algebra 2 Podcasting "The Math Podcast/Video" $959.00
Anna Driver Mt. Zion High School Math in YOUR Life $120.00
Alex Ansaldo Mt. Zion Middle School Need for Reeds $994.00
Jill Young Roopville Elementary School Promoting Physical Fitness as Fun Today and For a Lifetime! $998.00
Jennifer Carroll Roopville Elementary School Sunshine is Power $1,000.00
Christina Shoemaker Roopville Elementary School Moving Beyond the Surface $990.00
Teresa Williams Sand Hill Elementary School Fab Steam Lab $695.00
Melissa Trippe Sand Hill Elementary School Ready, Set, Grow! $997.00
Amy Hilton Sharp Creek Elementary School "Hands On and Engaging Fun Teaching STEM Through Fairy Tales" $981.00
Amanda Driver Sharp Creek Elementary School Tutors On Wheels $999.00
Amy Boehms Sharp Creek Elementary School Learning About Money & Designing Currency S.T.E.A.M. Project $996.00
Glavin Groover Sharp Creek Elementary School No "obstacles" in Learning $999.00
Sunee Passmore Sharp Creek Elementary School See It! Show It! Learn It! $986.00
Nikhol Dysart Sharp Creek Elementary School Rabbits and Chickens Oh My! $982.00
Brianna Lord Sharp Creek Elementary School Ready Reading Rockets $839.00
Ashley Ray Sharp Creek Elementary School STEM Bins Build Brains $130.00
Amber Wilburn Temple Elementary School Wit & Wisdom Book Tastings/Rotations $1,000.00
Emily Haven Temple High School Theater Set $871.00
Rebecca Barlow Temple Middle School composing music using chromebooks and mini USB midi keyboards $910.00
Lindsey M Minton Temple Middle School "Say it Ain't Cilantro!": Growing gains with a greenhouse $1,000.00
Tracie Cooper Temple Middle School Making Math Matter $1,000.00
Aaron Hall Temple Middle School Weighting It Out $932.00
Pam Lane Temple Middle School Art - Hands On and Out of the Box $997.00
Tina Vines Villa Rica Elementary School The Entire World of R:  Speech Therapy Program for correct production of the R Sound $503.00
Stacy Carroll Villa Rica Elementary School Backyard Garden $821.00
Geoffrey Harden Villa Rica Elementary School Ukulele's for the Music Classroom $1,000.00
Jessica Miller Villa Rica Elementary School Create an outdoor STEM Maker Space $989.00
Heather Williamson Villa Rica High School Games with Purpose! $1,000.00
Tinisha McKay Villa Rica High School Special Needs Sports Equipment Part II $960.00
Jennifer Allen Villa Rica High School Bibliothèque Biblioteca $389.00
Kim Wilson  Whitesburg Elementary School  Engage, Inspire, & Empower with Ozobots $875.00