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Carroll County Schools

Central High School Earns Opportunity to Award the International Skills Diploma Seal

Apr 27 2018

Carroll County School System is pleased to announce that Central High School was named an International Skills Diploma Seal School by the Georgia Department of Education. State School Superintendent Mr.Richard Woods recognized Central High School in Atlanta at a special ceremony at the Georgia Department of Education on April 24. Only 94 high schools in Georgia were given the opportunity to award this diploma seal to graduating seniors.
"We selected senior Jaycie Benefield to represent Central High School during the International Skills Diploma Seal (ISDS) ceremony because she represents our vision of a model student preparing herself for life in a rapidly changing global society. Jaycie has embraced the challenge of developing a deeper understanding of international issues and cultures while developing new cross-cultural skills that will provide a skill set necessary for her future endeavors," said Principal Mr. Jared Griffis.   
In preparing Georgia students for a global economy, it is important for students to acquire the interdisciplinary skills they need to be globally competent and competitive. The International Skills Diploma Seal is awarded to graduating high school students who complete the international education curriculum and engage in extracurricular activities and experiences that foster the achievement of global competencies. It is a signal to employers and higher education institutions that a student is prepared to participate in the global economy. 

Aside from completing three years of Spanish and five courses with a global focus, Jaycie Benefield worked closely with international club members over the last few months to earn this seal. "The International Diploma Skills Diploma Seal is an honor that I have pursued with intentional effort, hoping to not simply meet the assigned requirements, but to develop a new understanding of the vast world and people around me. As I strive to experience new cultures that widen my perspective and push me out of my comfort zone. This journey through the ISDS process has allowed me to reflect deeply on how the world is interconnected and, as a result, I have developed global competencies that will serve me in all of my future endeavors," said Jaycie Benefield, International Skills Diploma Seal recipient.

Eight graduation seniors in the Class of 2018 have completed all requirements to earn the diploma seal. Currently, 15 juniors have begun the process of earning the diploma seal and should complete the requirements mid-year next school year.