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Carroll County Schools

Central High School Literary Team Region Runner-Up

Mar 30 2021

Central High School’s Literary Team earned Region Runner-Up in Saturday’s competition. Olivia Vande Kerkhoff placed 1st in Girls’ Solo and will advance to State competition. Owen Buford, Christian Lasseter, Carson Spears, and Will Smith placed 1st in Boys’ Quartet and will advance to State. 

Will Smith earned 2nd place in Boys’ Solo. The Girls’ Trio of Trystan Richards Chastain, Olivia Vande Kerkhoff, and Allee Adams placed 2nd. Abigail Lee placed 3rd in Rhetorical Essay, Anna Eddleman placed 3rd in Personal Essay, Carson Spears placed 3rd in Comedic Interpretation, Abigail Lee placed 4th in Dramatic Interpretation, Abigail Lee and Lily Reid placed 4th in Duo Interpretation, and Sachel Denney placed 4th in International Extemporaneous Speaking.