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Carroll County Schools

Central High School Makes the List of Top 100 U.S. Schools Teaching Personal Finance

May 01 2018

Carroll County Schools is pleased to announce that Central High School has earned the 73rd spot on the list of “100 Best Wise High Schools Teaching Personal Finance.” The national ranking was released by Working in Support of Education (WISE), a New York City-based educational notfor-profit focused on promoting student financial literacy nationwide. By making this list, Central High School has performed among the highest in the entire country, based on the standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test.

Central High School’s Financial Literacy classes are taught by Mrs. Sarah Hall. “Central High School has made teaching financial literacy a priority for students,” said Mrs. Hall. She continued, “We are finding ways to address the chronic lack of financial literacy among our students, while helping them learn to make critical life decisions, such as applying for a car loan and a mortgage.”

WISE believes, by taking the curricular steps to teach financial literacy, students will be better equipped to navigate on new financial frontiers. Skills developed today will have a positive long-term effect not only on our students in their adult lives, but on our community as a whole.