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Carroll County Schools

Central High School Senior Named Youth of the Year

Sep 03 2019

Central High School Senior, Jacob Nelson, was recently named Youth of the Year by the Carroll County Boys & Girls Club and awarded a $500 scholarship.

The Youth of the Year program is a year-round character and leadership program that recognizes Club members who demonstrate academic achievement, leadership skills, and service to the community. These teens are giving back and devoting themselves to their Club, school, family, and community.

The Youth of the Year competition is open to all Boys & Girls Club members ages 14-18. Each Club honors one young man or woman every month and then chooses one outstanding youth to represent their organization at the annual Youth of the Year Awards & Dinner Celebration. Scholarships are awarded to all participants, with higher level awards given to the top finalists and the Youth of the Year winner.

Jacob is now eligible to compete for the Metro-Atlanta Youth of the Year. Winners will be announced in November.