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Carroll County Schools

Central High School’s Abigail Sadler Takes 1st Place at Kiwanis Art & Music Showcase

Feb 27 2019

Central High School senior and visual arts student, Abigail Sadler, brought home a first place ribbon and scholarship from the Kiwanis Art and Music Showcase. She earned first place with a dress sculpture created from different elements of book pages. The design was inspired by Victorian evening gowns and her prom dress from the previous school year. Abigail began the dress sculpture by forming chicken wire and moldable wire mesh around a dress form to provide a foundation to build upon. Next, she covered the wire in tulle to create a solid surface area to work on, and then added twisted and folded book pages, lace trim, scraps, and tissue paper, which became the tassels to assemble to bodice and skirt. The final touches included a pearl bead detail and additional lace trim. To top off the dress, Abigail created a matching handbag using the same materials. She said, “Overall, this is one of my most favorite pieces that I have ever created and I am so honored to be recognized as first place with it.”

Central High School’s Visual Arts teacher is Mrs. Cynthia Landon.