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Carroll County Schools

Fall ESOL Outer Space Literacy Night

Nov 20 2019

The Fall ESOL Outer Space Literacy Night held on November 14 at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center was out of this world! Students and parents from all over Carroll County came to participate in a fun filled night of games and activities designed to engage and educate all on how reading, writing, listening, and speaking can be a blast! The families were welcomed into a room filled with planets and twinkling stars to become astronauts who travel into space through the magic of virtual reality, create their own mini constellations, use clues to identify aliens, have their faces painted, and blast off in the reading rocket! Parents were also presented with the opportunity to get important information and all space explorers ended the evening with a goodie bag filled with books and cosmic treats. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Anna Williams and Mrs. Alicia Brock-Alsip for facilitating this premier event with their team to include Mrs. Michelle Arana, Mrs. Rachel Herman, and Mrs. Jennifer Kendrick!