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Carroll County Schools

Ithica Elementary School Educator Selected to Attend Monticello Teacher Institute

Mar 10 2021

Dr. Brandon Ledford from Ithica Elementary School was recently chosen to attend the Monticello Teacher Institute (MTI) in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Colleen Jones, Principal of Ithica Elementary School, stated, “Dr. Ledford is a committed and dedicated leader and teacher.  He is known by parents, students, and his peers as being a teacher leader who is dedicated to promoting premier opportunities in reading, writing, and history education for all Ithica Elementary School children. The professional knowledge and experience he will gain from attending MTI will benefit IES as well as educators throughout Carroll County.”

Dr. Ledford has worked to integrate the historic study of primary and secondary sources as a foundation for literacy instruction in his language arts classroom. He is passionate about STEM education, specifically in promoting digital literacy and 21st century skills. Additionally, Dr. Ledford shares his talents with educators across the district as a member of the Carroll County School System E3 Innovators.