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Carroll County Schools

Marcia Morris, CCSS Work Based Learning Coordinator selected to attend the esteemed Top Gun

Jun 29 2021

Marcia Morris, Carroll County Schools Work Based Learning Coordinator was recently selected to attend the esteemed "Top Gun" Work Based Learning training in Gainesville, GA. This workshop has been organized to provide specialized training to a select group of WBL coordinators.  Top Gun is based on the theme of the famous movie "Top Gun". The “best of the best '' have been selected to receive the ultimate preparation for the mission of the organization. 
The mission of Carroll County Schools Career, Technical & Agriculture education programs is designed to help students prepare for high skill, high demand, high wage careers. A  Work Based Learning internship is considered the capstone of all CTAE programs. The Top Gun Training has provided more insight into marketing the WBL program, establishing more active advisory committees for all programs, and has provided materials and information on training for work ethics and soft skills development for all students. Mrs. Morris serves as the WBL Coordinator for Bowdon, Mt. Zion, and Temple Schools. For more information on the Work Based Learning program contact (Villa Rica); (Central).