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Carroll County Schools

MZHS student recognized by MLK Coalition

Jan 17 2023

Mount Zion High School Senior Alex Zelaya has been recognized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition of Carrollton for overcoming obstacles to achieve success academically, athletically, and in service to his community. Zelaya is a transfer student who enrolled at Mount Zion High School in November 2021. During his brief time at Mount Zion, Zelaya has not only excelled in the classroom, but he also competed on both the varsity football and basketball teams.  

Zelaya entered high school in North Carolina in the fall of 2018 and was a victim of several unfortunate circumstances beyond his control. During his junior year of high school, his life was completely turned upside down when both of his parents were arrested on a 42-count indictment. 

Zelaya and his brother would spend the next few months bouncing around multiple homes between South Carolina and Maryland. Unfortunately, these temporary living arrangements didn’t work and they spent roughly four months homeless, sleeping under benches in neighborhood parks, on the street, and/or under bridges or overpasses in the Baltimore area. 

During this time, Zelaya tried to enroll himself in school in Maryland, but couldn’t because no parent or guardian was available to help him complete his enrollment. Zelaya and his brother were eventually able to get in touch with their grandmother in Carrollton, Georgia and moved in with her. At this time, they both enrolled at Mount Zion High School. 

Zelaya will graduate this spring and plans to attend college where he will study biology with the hopes of entering the medical field.