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Carroll County Schools

Prather Recognized as Purpose Driven Leader

Apr 01 2022

March is Middle Level Education Month, and we are thankful for all those who work hard to impact students in those crucial years! We recognize Dr. Marissa Prather for her innovative spirit in supporting all these excellent educators through her work as Director of Middle Schools and Professional Learning. Dr. Prather was recognized March 29 with the Purpose Driven Leader Award by the AYO Educational Leadership Consortium for championing student achievement results through innovation, service and leadership. AYO is an African word meaning great joy. She was chosen from a field of over 1,900 nominees as an outstanding leader who represents the intersection between relationships, innovation, and results. During her 20 years in education, Dr. Prather has shown great tenacity and the ability to see “what’s next” on the educational horizon. She has made an indelible mark in STEM, STEAM, Professional Learning, Student Outcomes, and now she is turning her eye to the 4th Industrial Revolution. If history has taught us anything about Dr. Prather, it’s that where she goes, others will follow. Dr. Prather has shown through her words, work, and actions that she is truly a Purpose Driven Leader. Congratulations, Dr. Prather, and keep on challenging us all to be a little better every day.