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Carroll County Schools

Temple High School's 2nd Annual Invest Thirty Event

Sep 01 2020

Temple High School expands unique partnership with Temple community and business leaders. Students get virtual welcome from diverse group of professionals on the first day of school.

Temple High School Principal, Tim Gribben, and Temple Mayor, Michael Johnson, once again brought community leaders together to invest in the lives of Temple High School students on the first day of school. However, this year’s event was virtual. Last year, community leaders lined the halls to personally welcome students as they entered the building. This year, students watched a series of videotaped personal greetings from local stakeholders and leaders--with a few surprise guests from the worlds of film, athletics, and public service. 

“Last year, we asked leaders to invest thirty minutes in the lives of our students. This year, we asked for thirty seconds in a video format. Student response was overwhelmingly positive. They were genuinely touched that so many took time to send messages of encouragement,” said Mr. Gribben.  

A highlight was Governor Brian Kemp’s message reminding students to “follow the guidelines, wash your hands, watch your distance, and wear your masks.” Students also heard messages from a Medal of Honor recipient, one of the original Freedom Riders, a former NFL player, and an Emmy-winning actor.