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Carroll County Schools

Villa Rica High School Educator Recognized as Outstanding Teacher of American History

Feb 17 2020

The Georgia Society, Colonial Dames 17th Century recently named Miss Jennifer Harris of Villa Rica High School Outstanding Teacher of American History. A member of the organization observed Miss Harris in her classroom and shared that she was so impressed with Miss. Harris’ teaching style, her joy for the subject, and how well she engaged her students.

Miss Harris graduated from the University of Georgia in 2012 and has served as a teacher leader at Villa Rica High School (VRHS) since 2016. She currently leads the U.S. History Team and is the coordinator for the International Skills Diploma Seal program at VRHS. Additionally, Miss Harris completed the GLISI teacher leader cohort and was selected to be part of the E3 Innovators team that provides professional learning for Carroll County teachers.

“Miss Harris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classroom and to her leadership roles in our district. We congratulate her on this most recent honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication she brings to all she does,” stated Dr. Travis Thomas, Director of Teaching and Learning Secondary Education and Assessment.