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Carroll County Schools

Whitesburg Elementary School Becomes the Only School in the Nation to Hold Both National and International STEM Certifications

Feb 16 2018

Carroll County School System is pleased to announce that Whitesburg Elementary School has earned the National Institute for STEM Education Campus Certification. Whitesburg is now the only school in the United States with both AdvancED STEM Certification (International) and NISE (National) Certification. The National Certification for STEM Education (NCSE) recognizes individual school campuses for their commitment to-and growth in-teachers' implementation of 21st-century and STEM strategies. Evolving from STEM professional development and curriculum created at Rice University, the National Institute for STEM Education certification process integrates the most recent research and best practices in STEM, 21st-century learning, and professional development.
In addition to this honor, five Whitesburg teachers have earned their National STEM Teacher Certification. Christine Carroll, Beth Childers, Beverly Dillard, Jennifer Saylor, and Kim Wilson are all Nationally Certified STEM Teachers. The National Institute for STEM Education offers the STEM Teaching Certification and provides a flexible pathway for teachers wanting recognition-and support-for further refining their instruction by integrating high-yield STEM and 21st-century learning strategies.  The National Certification for STEM Teaching (NCST) recognizes STEM professionals for their expertise in education. Participants are guided through the development of a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency across 15 fundamental Teacher Actions essential to STEM learning. "These teachers are operating at the highest levels of knowledge about STEM instruction and are applying these skills in their classroom, as well as serving as mentors and role models for our staff," stated Dr. Marissa Ogando, Principal of Whitesburg Elementary School.  
The National Institute for STEM Education is more than a certifying body. NISE is a support system for campuses seeking to improve their implementation of STEM practices. With the support of an experienced STEM leader, Dr. Marissa Ogando, Whitesburg was able to craft and implement a STEM Action Plan to become an even stronger 21st-century STEM campus. "We are proud and excited to partner with this institution to further immerse our students in the latest STEM instruction. This certification represents the commitment of our entire school community to provide a premier learning environment for our students," stated Dr. Marissa Ogando, Principal of Whitesburg Elementary School.