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Your child's future is our mission! We begin by building a strong foundation for success with our Student Essentials. Then we create premier opportunities and course curriculum that provides students with multiple pathways to achieve success from Pre-K to graduation. 
We hope that you find these resources valuable as we work together to help your child achieve lifelong success. To learn more about our Future Focused opportunities in Carroll County, please contact your child's school.


Get Ready Guides - The Georgia Department of Education has identified key skills for children getting ready for kindergarten through third grade. These skills will help families understand what children have already learned and can expect from his or her school experience.

GPB 3-5 Get Ready Guide


The U.S. Department of Labor has identified 16 clusters of work. These short videos include career details such as tasks, work settings, and education needed. This resource may be used to support your child's interest in a specific career.

Career Cluster Videos


Goal Setting

Goal Setting Activies for Kids and Students

Helping My Child Set Goals and Achieve Them

Examples of Family Goals and How to Achieve Them

Parent Tips on Setting Goals with Your Child

Steps for Helping Your Child Set Effective Goals