Online Resources and Apps

Google Drive

As a part of our effort to provide access to technology tools and services for our students, Carroll County Schools provides access to Google Apps for Education including

  • Google Drive - This provides online access to core software services which includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

  • Google Calendar - Students can access the calendar service for their own scheduling needs.

  • Google Sites - Teachers can create and grant access to instructional materials organized through Google Sites. Students will not be able to create sites, but teachers may invite student collaboration on specific sites.

Students begin using their Carroll County Schools Google Accounts by logging into Drive Carroll County Schools.

Student accounts have been created using the following template:

  • Username: student12345

  • All student accounts begin with the word student, and end with the student’s five digit student I.D. (commonly referred to as their lunch number.)

Password: After logging in to their accounts, students may change their password. If a password is forgotten. please ask your teacher to submit a password reset request.

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