Dexter Mosely Act

Under the Dexter Mosely Act (Senate Bill 51), home study students in grades six through 12 are eligible to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities in the Carroll County School System. In order to participate, home study students must be homeschooled for at least 12 months prior to registration and complete at least one qualifying course during any semester the student participates in an activity. A “qualifying course” means an on-site class, an online course facilitated by CCSS or a dual enrollment course. Participation is only available at the public school a home study student would attend based on his or her address.

To enroll a home study student in at least one CCSS course in order to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities, please complete the online registration form linked below. Once you have completed the online registration, an individual from the school will contact you with additional information.

Please note: Families interested in enrolling under the Dexter Mosely Act must complete the same online enrollment application as full-time Carroll County Schools students. 

Deadlines to Apply

  • Fall Semester - July 1st

  • Spring Semester - December 1st

Enrolling Parent / Guardian Actions prior to the deadlines above:

Step 1: The Enrolling Parent/Guardian must send an email to the principal of the student’s zoned school indicating the intent to enroll the student under the SB42. This email must include the following scanned and attached documents:

  • The SB42 Declaration form indicating which extracurricular activities in which the student plans to participate.

  • A copy of the student’s most recent annual progress report as provided in Georgia’s requirements for home study programs and include the student’s instructor’s individualized assessment of the student’s academic progress in all courses (reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science).

  • A written verification by the home school instructor that the student is currently receiving a passing grade in each home study program course and is maintaining satisfactory progress towards advancement.

  • A current copy of the student’s transcript including the number of cumulative units earned to date (for high school only).

  • A copy of the GaDOE Declaration of Intent to Home School.

Step 2: The Enrolling Parent / Guardian should visit here to register their student for Carroll County Schools. In the application, there is box to check that you are registering under "Dexter Mosely". You will also be required to upload the above documents into the application.

For more information, visit the GaDOE's guidance on their Home School webpage.